Introduction to Java Lambdas

October 26th, 2013
The main theme of Java 8 is lambdas. I have noticed that for many Java programmers lambdas are pretty tough material. So let’s try to get a basic understanding of them. Read more

End of the Journey

October 9th, 2013
Wow! Those were seven exciting weeks following a wonderful journey through seven fantastic languages, each with their own specialties. To three of the languages I was completely blank, with the other four I was (a bit) familiar. Read more

Week 7: Haskell

October 2nd, 2013
Haskell is the seventh language in the book. It is a pure functional language, so functions have no side effects. This makes it easier to reason about the code. Read more

Week 6: Clojure

September 23rd, 2013
Clojure is one of my favorite languages of the moment. Although I haven’t used it for real work yet, I enjoy the simplicity of the language and syntax. So with a week full of Clojure exercises I am in for a joyful week! Read more

Week 5: Erlang

September 14th, 2013
Erlang! The language of concurrency, and much more. It’s the first actual functional language from the book, although not purely functional. Read more

Week 4: Scala

September 7th, 2013
It’s a while ago since I last wrote some Scala code so this week was fun picking it back up. Read more

Week 3: Prolog

August 31st, 2013
Prolog is the first language that completely gets me out of my comfort zone and brought me back to noob. Prolog is a pretty amazing language that at first makes you wonder how it knows so much. Read more